Pinta Barrel Brewing

A few words about what's under the roof....
We brew in our brewery in Wieprz, right next to the PINTA brewery.

Our still young roof already bears the weight of fame. No one in Poland has ever launched a cask beer project on such a large scale, at such a fast pace and with such a good response from the community (thank you for all the reviews on UT!).

Today you will find more than a dozen types of kegs under our roof. We have a total of 100 of each in the wild and clean zone (where dark beers are aged), but will eventually have 3-4 times that many.

In addition to the 2 keg stores, you'll also find a brewhouse with 2 kettles and a whirlpool. (10hl system, semi-automatic). Tanks on the clean side: On the wild side: 2x25hl, 3x20hl: 2x25hl, 2x30hl. Plus cooling boat (cooling tray for spontaneous fermenting beers), small line for bottling wild beers, corker including basket maker, infuser for applying additives to clean beers (coconut, coffee, cocoa, vanilla).

And so much about the technology. The rest is just nature, time and the patience of the brewer... 🙂 ...